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Why options?


Mechanical wristwatches are irresistible. Your robust material. Your filigree processing. And last but not least, the magic of their purely kinetic - one could also say: sustainably driven movements. No wonder that we modern men want to wear something like this on our wrists - also and especially in everyday life. But this is where it starts: Who would want to invest a fortune in it right away? But cheap plagiarism is not the solution either. This is where Optionata comes into play.


We'll take you to the clock.

And she to you.


 We set out to make high-quality classic watches accessible and affordable. By finding the best used vehicles for you, including those that are "left out" whose true value needs to be recognized. But also well-known luxury watches that you would normally only get new and significantly more expensive - if at all. Optionata will deliver them straight to your home.


Authenticity. Quality. options.

Sure, you can occasionally "shoot" a nice, used watch at the pawn shop or at the flea market. But first you have to meet them. And then: is it real? How is your inner state? Quite apart from the fact that you hardly have any alternatives. We take these three worries away from you. Our watches are put through their paces by experts. And with us you always have a choice. Just optional.


Handpicked offer.

At Optionata you have many options. However, you won't find a "mega selection" - and that's a good sign: every watch on offer was discovered and checked by us personally, our range is handpicked. We will let you know immediately when there are exciting new finds. Just sign up for our Newsletter on and stay up to date.


Fair prices.

We want to bring our watches to people's wrists, and that's only possible with fair, understandable prices. In order to make this possible, we do without middlemen and buy our watches directly. We use our many years of networking with watch lovers all over the world. And thanks to our trained nose, we also make one or the other "barn find", which we are then happy to pass on at a reasonable price.


Maximum security.

Buying a watch is a matter of trust: Sounds like an old advertising slogan, but we mean it very seriously. We want you to be able to rely 100% on us and our watches. That's why we give you two guarantees on every watch: one on authenticity, one on functionality. And we do a number more - all for your benefit Buyer Protection.


Watch passion from Berlin.

Is there anything more characterful than a mechanical watch? With it you show your commitment to craftsmanship, to authenticity. This world has fascinated us for many years. We collect classic watches. Admire them at fairs and on the wrists of others. And we love to share this passion with others. This is how Optionata came about. The small but fine store of a handful of watch enthusiasts from the heart of Berlin - for watch fans like you.


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