In the beginning I had a passion for flea markets. The authentic bargaining, haggling, the joy of the special highlight, the special affordable or simply the story behind it. This was given to me by my parents as a child, we regularly visited a lot of flea markets on the Lower Rhine. And just as regularly I was there with my own stand, improving my pocket money or the student coffers, with the sale of Grandma’s original porcelain jug or the used Asterix comics from the first, limited edition.

I first heard the term "vintage" while studying in Manchester, England. My roommate came home with her latest addition - a 'Vintage Bag'. I was not surprised at the second hand purchase, but at the price. That someone was willing to pay a premium on a vintage purchase. For the excellent, but also used quality, the story behind it.  

Today I find mechanical wristwatches irresistible and have been working with them for over 20 years. Maintain my passion for chronographs from the 70s, 80s and 90s - their robust material. Your filigree workmanship. And especially the magic of their design, in combination with - let's say - sustainably powered movements. With the term “vintage” I now associate something extraordinary, classic, a special quality, its own authentic story - a quality wine as well as a vintage car or a special timepiece.  

No wonder that we modern men want to wear vintage watches on our wrists - also and especially in everyday life. But here it starts: Who would want to invest a fortune in it? Who tells us the real value? Who sorts out plagiarism from originals, who protects against mistakes? This is exactly where we bring Optionata into play.



We start December 2020, sharing our passion for high-quality classic vintage watches. By finding the best used vehicles for you, with real value, authentic. But also well-known luxury watches that you would normally only get new and considerably more expensive - if at all. Optionata delivers them directly to your home - checked, guaranteed, with the original watch box and high-quality packaging. A gift for adults. Authentic, accessible and affordable - just like at the flea market back then. Except that our watches are put through their paces by experts.

With Optionata you always have a choice, many options. There are so many unique, exciting vintage watches out there. Far more than the usual mainstream Rolex, no “mega selection” - and that's a good sign: We personally discover and check every watch on offer. We see that as our mission - handpicked, curated, exciting new finds, regularly for you. We want to convince you, inspire you, and bring our watches to your wrists.  



And that is only possible with fair, comprehensible prices. To make this possible, we do without middlemen and buy our watches directly. For us and for you, buying a watch is a matter of trust and we mean it seriously. We want you to be able to rely 100% on us and our watches. This is why we give you a 1-year guarantee on every watch for its functionality, and we have also been certified with a "Safe Buyer" label. And we do a lot more - everything for yours Buyer Protection

This is how Optionata came about. The small, fine store from watch lovers from the heart of Berlin - for watch fans like you.


Enjoy our monthly updates!


Alexander and team | Optionata