Sell watch to or through us


Do you want to sell your watch?


Come to us, here at Optionata you are in the right place.

We buy used watches and accept them in part exchange.


And you have the choice between two sales methods and can decide between:



With this variant we give you a non-binding offer for an immediate sale and the fastest receipt of money!

If a quick sale is important to you, we can offer direct purchase for certain watches.

You will receive our offer within 24 hours.



If you want to get the highest possible payout without any time pressure, this variant is correct. As a rule, this is how you achieve the highest payout price.

We take care of your watch completely - prepare it beautifully, take excellent photos and coordinate the sale professionally and with love on our Optionata website.

If you choose this option, we will take care of the entire process for you.


The next steps to selling your watch...

Step 1

Please fill out the form. Important; Preferably with as much detailed information as possible and meaningful photos of your watch. 'A lot helps a lot' for our evaluation and subsequent sale.

step 2

We will then send you an offer by email within 24 hours.

step 3

We will arrange the collection of your watch together. Then check for authenticity and functionality. And then it starts.

step 4

We activate your watch for our newsletter and sale and process the payment as agreed in our contract.

We look forward to your feedback. 



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